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Use this form as a first step to collaboratively start a discussion with EIT Digital and enable potential proposal ideas to be qualified and iterated efficiently.

The program guide gives you an overview of the 2022 Innovation Factory with details about eligibility, schedules etc.

Sending a final proposal also requires you to become a member of EIT Digital partner network. PIF form is used to apply for the partner membership.

Download the Innovation Factory slidedeck for sharing in your organization.

Next Cut-off Dates

7. June 2022
15. November 2022

Upcoming Events

17 May 2022 Brokerage Event

Why Innovation Factory?

Smart Investment

EIT Cash Investment of up to €250,000 to cover up to 40% of the overall budget in exchange for 10% of ordinary dilutable shares in the venture.


New Customers

EIT Digital partner network has more than 300 members. We help find new customers from our network. 

Talent Pool

EIT Digital master school graduates are equipped with both technical as well as business and innovation skills.  

New Technology 

EIT Digital partner network companies invest heavily into R&D activities and are available for both development and  commercialization of new deeptech solutions.  

Ingredients fo Success

Bring your proof of concept 

You bring a commercial proof of concept that is already established (TRL >=5).  

Bring a founding team

If needed EIT digital helps to complement your team with advisors or cofounders from EIT Digital Master School Alumni Network.

Bring a pilot customer

EIT Digital helps your team locate a pilot customer that can support venture building and growth.

Bring partners

Co-Funding from the consortium members in the form of effort and / or cash to cover 60% or more of the overall budget. EIT digital helps you locating additional partner(s) and investors

How to Get Started?

 Review Innovation Factory Toolkit
 Send a Proposal Summary (here) ASAP
  Discuss the shaping of your proposal with EIT Digital
 Complete a Partner Information Form (PIF)
 Submit your proposal by the relevant Cut-Off Date

Innovation Factory Focus Areas

These are the areas where EIT Digital focuses on with its investments and where Europe can be a global leader

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia city skyline.

Digital Cities

Digital, smart cities include areas like smart mobility, sustainability in cities, tourism and more.


Digital Industry

This includes digital logistics, manufacturing and retail


Digital Wellbeing

Moving from reactive care to proactive care is a central theme for digital wellbeing.

Eirasystem 02-1-600x448

Digital Tech

This broad area covers the development of solutions using 5G, IoT, machine learning, web3 and more.

Concentrated young hacker in glasses stealing money from different credit cards sitting in dark room

Digital Finance

Making financial services secure, transparent, fast and cheap are some of the goals for the theme.